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Day Unisex Anti-aging Facial Cream 50 ml

The EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL combined with the botanical properties and vitamins 100 % ORGANIC, hydrates the skin during the day and protects it from the sun, reducing the appearance of lines of expression and wrinkles. It improves the luminosity of the skin, contains FPS15, increases skin hydration and maintains its natural balance the whole day.

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  • Day Unisex Anti-aging Facial Cream 50 ml


    ALOE VERA: It contains derivatives antracenitos like the aloemodina, A and B. Rich in glumatic acid, apartico, amino acids and complex of vitamin B, that makes it a unique antioxidant agent besides regenerating and revitalizing the skin.

    ALMOND OIL: It possesses big emollient and nourishing properties that help to provide luminosity and elasticity to the skin.

    EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL ECOLOGICAL D.O.: Thanks to its emollient and antioxidant properties, the olive oil helps to protect the skin against the harmful effects of the free radicals, delaying the aging of the skin. Also it has properties that maintain a flexible, hydrated and smooth skin.

    SHEA BUTTER: Thanks to its content in vitamin E, it is a powerful moisturizing and nourishing agent. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, is a natural cellular regenerator, with great conditioner properties.

    CERA ALBA - BEE WAX: Helps to create a protection layer, and gently fills wrinkles creating a face lift effect.

    VITAMIN E: Powerful antioxidant and moisturizing that protects your skin. Combined with vitamin C, multiplies its antioxidant action and cellular regeneration.

    VITAMIN C: Some of the most important vitamins for cells protection and regeneration.


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