Secure payment

Our secure payment

To ensure confidentiality in data transfer on the Internet at use a security protocol, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which accept the vast majority of browsers. This system ensures the identity of the seller guarantees the integrity of the message and encrypts the data with encryption up to 128 bits (it would take thousands of years the most powerful computer in the world to decode the message), which ensures that if someone intercepts the They may not interpret.

Payment Methods

Using Paypal

PayPal is an e-commerce company in the sector, the system allows users to make payments and transfers through Internet without sharing financial information with the recipient, with the only requirement that these have e-mail. It is a fast and secure system for sending and receiving money.

PayPal processes transactions for individuals, buyers and sellers online.

For the more traditional bank transfers.

From your bank or online transfer you can make your payment comfortably.